About the NCAOA

The North Carolina Association on Aging (NCAOA) is the premiere network representing community-based aging service providers in the North Carolina.
As a core mission, the NCAOA serves to represent agencies and other professionals in the field of aging who provide home & community based services, and advocate for quality programs which enable older adults and their families to live as independently as possible.
Board of Directors
The NCAOA Board strives to keep members informed of vital policy and practice concerns, to provide valuable education and training, and to offer opportunities for all members to help shape the future of Aging in North Carolina. Through representation on regional, state, and national organizations, NCAOA board members serve as an effective voice for the organization and its members.

The NCAOA Board is guided by bylaws, which explain NCAOA's purpose, membership, duties and terms of Board members, Board officers, the Executive Committee, and other committees deemed appropriate by the Board.

The board invites you to contact them if you have an interest in serving on the board or have questions, concerns or comments. We are here to assist your organization. 
Board Officers 

Suzanne La Follette-Black


Renee Griffin

Brad Allen

Board Members

Board Members

Casey Conner
Deb Burcombe
Heather Burkhardt
Annette Eubanks
Thessia Everhart-Roberts
​Sandy Gregory
Juan Jefferson
Linda Kearsley
Dennis Streets
Janice Tyler
Charles Williams

Nina Walters, Executive Director
Randolph Cloud, Lobbyist